Green Burial Ground

Image of the lovely wooden signage

In March 2011 Tuxford Town Council decided to designate part of Tuxford cemetery as a 'natural' or 'green' burial ground. Green burial grounds provide a final resting place for those who want a more environmentally-friendly burial.
For example, coffins are made of biodegradable materials, such as wicker or wood, and not materials such as plastics or metals.
Also, there is no gravestone made out of granite, marble or slate. Instead, graves are marked with a tree and a small plaque will be placed on a memorial board just outside of the burial ground which displays the deceased's name and location.

Image of the burial site

To support the natural look of this 'green' burial ground, the Council has decided that no wreaths, flowers, vases or other tributes will be allowed in it. Flowers in memory of a loved one can be placed in an area designated for this purpose near to the green burial ground. Once flowers have withered they will be removed and composted.
The grass will be cut twice a year so that the burial ground can develop, growing wildflowers and becoming a beautiful meadow.

Image of The Memorial Wall Image of the brilliant hand-made bench

To view the rules of the burial site, please refer to this document: Green Burial Ground Rules

For more information regarding a burial or any queries regarding the burial site, please contact the clerk at: